The Surroundings of Valmarecchia

Santarcangelo di Romagna

The History of Santarcangelo di Romagna
Malatesta, one of the largest Italian Lordships straddling the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, have left a deep impression on these lands, a sign of impressive palaces, castles and fortified villages and churches. Ambitious, courageous, intelligent, fierce leaders, for three hundred years between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, ruled over a vast and varied territory between Romagna and Marche, characterized by the presence of turbulent lords, always fighting each other. But Malatesta, as well as great military, were also great patrons, lovers of beauty and commissioning major works of art (churches, paintings, frescoes, furnishings), among which the Malatesta of Rimini Cathedral, built and maintained by Sigismund, and the Malatesta Library of Cesena commissioned by Malatesta Novello. Between wars and conspiracies the "State Malatesta" had unstable but easily identifiable borders, embracing much of Romagna, the Marches, and pushing up in Tuscany and Lombardy; The "Malatesta state" had three stable capitals Cesena, Pesaro, Rimini and in these territories, and in their surroundings, they still preserve the vestiges of this great dynasty, powerful and ambitious. A presence that resulted in absolutely unique landscapes, where there is not knoll or hill without a fortress, a castle or a fortified village.
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