Summer Menu'

Summer Menu'

Chef Giuseppe Russo together with his colleagues Josef , Simone, Marco M.,Marco B., Gioia
Present the Summer Menu’ 2018

Traditional appetizer of the Inn                                                                  

Salada cured meat with Grana Padana cheese flakes, rocket, cherry tomatoes and citronette dressing

Cockerel roll with friggitelli peppers, nectarines and a light mustard sauce

Aubergine and smoked Scamorza cheese pie with a cherry tomato and basil sauce

Pork loin smoked in house, with aromatic salad, pan brioches and green sauce

Courgette flowers deep-fried in batter with mozzarella filling, served with panzanella and roast pepper sauce

Black Venus rice with chopped green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, robiola cheese mousse and vegetable gazpacho

The croutons of "Antiche Macine" 


Tagliatelle with ancient ragout 

Strozzapreti with sautéed jowl bacon, chopped tomato, chanterelle mushrooms and smoked ricotta

Burrata cheese ravioli served with saffron potatoes and black truffle

Salted passatelli pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, aubergines and cacioricotta cheese

Mediterranean bauletti with tomato sauce, sausage and salted almond crumble

Mezzelune filled with red radicchio and served with a fossa cheese and red wine sauce

Durum wheat semolina tagliolini pasta with basil pesto, beef tomato and walnuts

Creamed squacquerone cheese barley with courgette flowers and rocket pesto


Selection of grilled meats with potatoes and rosemary                                               

Roasted suckling pig with wild fennel, baked spinach and Sangiovese wine plums

Mediterranean-style rabbit with Taggiasca olives, green tomatoes and caper flowers

Guinea fowl roll with juniper, pavè potatoes and wild herbs

Griddled caciotta cheese with endive salad and vegetable caponata

Grilled cockerel with aromatic salt, courgettes and sautéed mushrooms

Cut Of Beef With Raviggiolo Cheese And Crispy Vegetable Sticks 

The Inn’s Fillet Steak (Served With Green Pepper Or Balsamic Vinegar Or Grilled)  

Florentine T-Bone Steak With Cervia’s Sweet Salt (price per 100 g) 

Beef Sirloin (price per 100 g) 


The dry pastries of the Inn

Frozen zabaglione with meringue gratin and sour cherries

Lemon custard with mixed berry ice cream

Panna cotta with soft caramel sauce, almond pastry crumble and cinnamon ice cream

Peach cream with strawberry sauce and Oreo biscuits

Small fruit salad with mascarpone mousse and praline cashews

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