Autumn Menu'

Autumn Menu'

Chef Giuseppe Russo con i Suoi Collaboratori Josef e Simone e lo staff di sala Marco, Gioia e Michele
Vi presenta Menu di Autunno 2018 della Locanda Antiche Macine


Traditional appetizer of the Inn                                                               
Silverside beef marinated in Cervia salt and served with primosale cheese, green sauce and dried pain d’épices
Duck breast cooked at low temperature with an orange salad and coriander pan brioches
Fried quail on a pumpkin soup with toasted bread
Vegetable strudel on a light ricotta cheese fondue
Polenta flan with fontina cheese centre and mushroom soup
The croutons of "Antiche Macine"

Tagliatelle with ancient knife-cut ragout
Strozzapreti pasta with Mora jowl bacon and Sangiovese wine
Ravioli filled with porcini mushrooms served with duck sauce
Salted passatelli pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, cabbage and sausage
Cappellacci filled with truffle and stracchino cheese served with butter, smoky pancetta and potatoes
Mezzelune filled with aubergine and provola cheese sautéed with sun-dried tomato pesto and black olives
Green tagliolini pasta with a pioppini mushroom carbonara sauce with culatello ham and pecorino cheese
Purple potato gnocchi with a taleggio cheese fondue and a light balsamic vinegar reduction

Selection of grilled meats with potatoes and rosemary                                               
Roasted suckling pig with wild fennel, potato pavé and braised cabbage
Grilled cockerel with baked leaks with cream and breaded potatoes
Beef jowl braised in red wine with pumpkin puree and flax seeds
Grilled caciotta cheese with Romagnola mustard and seasonal vegetables
Porchetta-style rabbit roll with creamy potatoes and fried sage
Sliced fillet of steak with porcini mushrooms, grana cheese shavings and crunchy goletta jowl bacon
Steak fillet of the house (grilled, balsamic vinegar, or green pepper)
"Limousine" fiorentina (T-bone) steak with sweet salt of Cervia (price per 100 g)
"Limousine" rib-eye steak (price per 100 g)      
The dry pastries of the Inn
Vanilla crème brûlée with coffee ice cream
Semifreddo with crunchy hazelnuts and almonds and chocolate sauce
Pastry with Chantilly cream and caramelised pine nut sprinkle
Gianduja chocolate cream with almond crumble and rum sauce

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